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com/l/wotlkgoldguideThis is a Goldmaking Guide I've spent several.

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So I'm amazed by how little money I've been able to make with jewelcrafting this expansion.


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If, however, you are a Jewelcrafter, make yourself one of these beauties:.

Yup, the "Dragon's Eye" gems, which are +34 stats, require the recipe (2 daily tokens) to learn, and a dragon's eye (1 token) as the reagent.

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Draenor 1-100.

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Northrend 1-75.

Jewelcrafting is fine if you want to min/max, but is harder to maintain the full benefit than other professions.

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I'm wondering if it will truly be worth all the trouble by the time I get it to 450.

Jewelcrafting is best combined with Mining to offset some of the cost, but it can also be paired with Enchanting to get a little gold back by disenchanting items.

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I've made this guide to help train from 1-300 Jewelcrafting.

WotLK Classic Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide 1-450.

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Only Blacksmithing actually.

Cataclysm 1-75.

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It really is a fun profession to have in WotLK and performs well in both PvE and PvP.

gems will best raw stats of any profession. I’m a new player leveling up my DK (68 right now), and my professions are mining (320) and jewelcrafting (150) - I read in some guides that these are promising professions for tank.

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The main ones you’ll be crafting as a Hunter are Delicate Dragon’s Eye and Fractured Dragon’s Eye , resulting in +42 agility or +42 armor penetration rating compared to.

It really is a fun profession to have in WotLK and performs well in both PvE and PvP.

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The main benefit of Jewelcrafting is the Jewelcrafter-unique gems, Dragon’s Eye, which are more powerful than regular gems, but are limited to 3 equipped at a time.


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There are Epic-quality Jewelcrafter-only gems, which are BoP when created and can only be used with a minimum Jewelcrafting skill of 350.

The stat breakdown remains mostly the same.

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Get owner Pre-raid Things + Phases 1-6 immediate also want the best Mage (Fire, Frost, Arcane).

Pala Healer - Inscription and Alchemy - Gathering.

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Professions skills are split between expansions now in retail WoW, with a separate skill bar for each.

The high level view on Dragonflight professions! – World of Goldcraft 176.

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Affliction Warlock WotLK Guide Demonology Warlock WotLK Guide.

Hopefully I can get some valuable input here.

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You will find guides below for each World of Warcraft expansion.

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I've started leveling Jewelcrafting recently, and Im still only in the 100s (At 140 I think) and it seems like a fair expensive profession to level since a lot of what you need to make in order to gain a skill level requires a lot of materials.