Spanish word for chicken

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. alitas de pollo.

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Había tres pollos corriendo por la granja.

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More Spanish words for chicken wings.

Here's a list of translations.

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English to Spanish translation of “palabras en español para pollo“, which can be literally translated as: ( Spanish words for chicken ).

Popular Spanish categories to find more words and phrases: A new category where you can find the top search words and phrases translated into English and Spanish.

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Pesce is the Italian word for fish; piscis means fish in Latin.


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Thought this would be fun to learn the word for chicken and chicken things in a couple of languages feel free to add on Yes I'm native.

(M) We're having barbecue chicken for dinner tonight.

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Esta noche vamos a cenar pollo a la barbacoa.

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In Spanish, “un pollo” is an expression used to describe something that is funny, silly, or embarrassing.

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gallus is a male (adult) chicken (cock, rooster); it also is used for.

Spanish Translation.

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Oct 18, 2018 · Next, combine an egg with milk in one dish, and add breadcrumbs to another dish.

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4 hours at the very least.

The term “pocho” refers to chicken in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Italian, and a few other languages.

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It is used in Mexico as a synonym for chicken.

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Besides BBQ chicken wings, speedy connection is necessary when watching a live match.

(animal) a.

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We’ll cover popular Spanish slang for ‘friend’, Spanish slang for ‘cool’, Spanish slang for texting, and more.

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Most Spanish words that end in the letter a are feminine but this is one of the exception words.

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Because it is an exception word, you will have to memorize its gender to use it correctly.


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A male chicken is called a cock and a female chicken is called a.

It’s a flexible approach to a vegetarian diet.

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Oct 18, 2018 · Next, combine an egg with milk in one dish, and add breadcrumbs to another dish.